How do the aged collect chronic medication during lockdown

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Order medicine using MedXpress.

Discovery MedXpress is a convenient medicine ordering service, particularly for monthly medicine repeats. You can get your medicine delivered to you or collect it from participating pharmacies.

Enjoy these advantages of using MedXpress.

It is quick and convenient

No more waiting in queues.

It is a free service

You enjoy this just by being a Discovery Health Medical Scheme member.

It is a simple process

No complicated forms to complete. Order medicines on the web, Discovery app or call us

Easy medicine reorder

Reply ‘Yes’ to the reorder SMS or reorder on the web

You get advice

To help you reduce co-payments for regular medicine claims

Get updates on any medicine changes

and avoid unnecessary shortfalls and co-payments on medicines

There’s never been a better way to get your monthly medicine.’

Steps to follow for the delivery of a new order

  1. A copy of your prescription to be uploaded via the website under “Order Medicine using MedXpress”
  2. Confirm all relevant details and special instructions about your order and delivery of your medicine
  3. You will not be required to call the call centre as the order will be placed
  4. You will receive SMSes for updates on your order
  5. If your prescription contains Schedule 5 medicine/s, your original prescription must be sent to us by registered post

Steps to follow for In-store collect orders

  1. Upload your prescription
  2. Choose a pharmacy from the list
  3. If your order has a co-payment, you will receive an SMS to advise you to settle the co-payment on the website
  4. If there are any delays, MedXpress will let you know.
  5. Please look out for SMSs for updates on your order.
  6. Hand in your original prescription at the store when collecting your first order.

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